Tips and tricks

So I think we all have handy tips and tricks we have picked up over the years so I thought I would write them down and show you. I fully expect no one to learn something but you never know. 🤷‍♂️

Google Meet

ctrl + d - Toggles the audio on/off

ctrl + e - Toggles the camera on/off

If you focus on the audio button, you can hit space to toggle the audio on and off.


alt + [up|down] - This moved you up and down channels.

shift + tab will jump me to the last message in that channel.

ctrl + k - brings up the channel switcher

up - quick edit the last message


Turn on keyboard shortcuts

x - selects emails and can select multiple

y - archives the selected emails

[ and ] - when in an email will archive and move in that direction

j and k - when in an email will jump to the next without archiving

Oh My Zsh + Git

gcm - git commit main branch

ggl - git pull origin {branch_name}

gcam - git commit -am

ggp - git push origin {branch_name}

grbi - git rebase -i


shift + f2 - create a horizontal split

ctrl + f2 - create horizontal split

ctrl + d - close a window

shift + [up|down|left|right] - moves you around the panels

shift + alt + [up|down|left|right] - moved the dividers

f2 - creates new window/tab

alt + [left+right] - switch tabs

f8 - name tab