Always show the time on Moto360

Moto360 is an excellent piece of kit. But I found flicking my wrist the wake the screen up is annoying, slow and didn’t always work. After seeing other smart watches with an always on feature. I started looking around for an equivalent setting on my watch.

After looking around the settings I stumbled on the Ambient screen setting. After turning this on now my watch works exactly how I want it to. The time is displayed on a small movement in any direction for a quick glace.

To turn Ambient screen on follow these steps:

1. Pull down from the watch face to view notifications
2. Scroll right until to reach settings
3. Click the gear to access settings
4. Scroll down until you see Ambient screen
5. Turn on Ambient screen

I know what your thinking, “but want the run the battery flat in no time?”. Well, I’ve had it on for weeks now and I honestly haven’t seen a decrease in battery life enough for me to notice.

So give it ago and let me know what you think.

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Handling “class” attribute in Beautifulsoup

Using the docs it can be difficult to spot the syntax to find an element with a class. Here is how you refine your search to the elements with my-image class.

img = soup.findAll("img", { "class" : "my-image" })

Further reading:

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